Sunday, 4 October 2009

'Missing You' quick sketch

Last night, i was in quite a thoughtful mood so to help me think, i decided to draw another quick sketch of myself. Generally, my sketches portray me fairly happy but without really realising it myself, i found that the self-portrait reflected my true feelings.

  • The butterflies are also a reflection of myself for many reasons; I have a tattoo of 2 black butterflies- because after looking up the meaning behind it, it was symbolic of me for many reasons :-

    2 butterflies flying together = Love , guidance in change- i have experienced a lot of changes in my life- good and bad which has made me realise its that which makes up my identity and makes me who i am :D And it's also a symbol of new beginnings, grace, beauty and the soul in the Christian faith :)

I am not too pleased with the face on this self-portrait, due to a silly error but i am pleased with the overall outcome, I may use this image to incorporate Barbara Kruger's work, (which i will post soon!!) and perhaps use her idea of 'headlines' which create political and feminist views, into the face of my portrait so to describe my identity in words rather than trying to depict my physical appearance, reflecting my strongest feelings at that time.

hmm, will develop this further and see how it goes! :D ..............

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