Thursday, 29 October 2009

Final Piece

Ok, i know the piee is quite simple but i didnt want the main focus away from the image. when enlarged, you can clearly see 3 butterfly wings, getting smaller. i made the largest one transparent and the other 2 gradually more opaque to see the metamorphosis. It describes the idea of growing free- the wings widen, becoming more free. i chose these particular wings because they are more gothic and dark, though i played around with the contrast of these. i also played around with the contrast of the background- i really liked the light in the environment in the original photos but i wanted to also reveal a darker, in depth, hidden character of me, sort of overshadowed at the same time as going through metamorphosis.

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  1. Hi Jade,

    Well done on catching up - BUT, time is racing on; let me know what book you're working from and get posting asap...