Monday, 5 October 2009

The idea of Perfection- leading to a possible essay discussion!

Hehe, well as you can see, these are VERY rough sketches! I just wanted to experiment quickly with different ways of physically hiding your identity. The image on the left is a cartoony close-up of my face, but this isnt evident by looking at it- it could be of anyone and its difficult to see the true identity. The image on the right shows my hand coving my face, almost as if to mask it and hide the physical appearance. Sometimes when i feel self- conscious, i tilt my head down or cover some of my face with my hair- silly, i know but it's all to do with not feeling my true self or confident with who i am at that particular point- hey, no one's perfect!
This also leads me on to another idea of mine and also something i would like to pin-point in my essay- the idea of perfection.
What is it? Who is perfect? Where did this idea of pefection come from? Why is it that people can be very attractive on the outside, but have a very contrasting personality and can still be classed at perfect? Why do we conform to this? So may questions can be asked about this cultural fiction and is something which iwould like to research further.

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