Thursday, 29 October 2009

Prep Images

I took the butterfly image and used photoshop to make them transparent, almost as if they blended in with the colour of my skin and rearranged them on my face. the overal image is quite simple and needs to be relatively big to be able to see the butterflies clearly but at the same time, it does portray the metamorphosis theme, just not as obviously.

just wanted to create a black and white version to see if the atmosphere changed. it does but it doesnt portray the naturistic feel to it as i hope.

again, i wanted to mess around with the hue and saturation as well as the contrast to create a more magical effect. i think it worked well but isnt something i want to achieve in the final piece.

This doesnt work at all... I love the style of the butterflies and the image of me itself, but together, its not very effective. i tried to arrange the butterflies to look like they were flying free but ended up looking too decorative- also, im not exactly a whizz on Photoshop so my skills are quite limited at the moment!!

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