Friday, 9 October 2009

Phil's feedback in note form (to help me remember!)

Ok, well ive got to admit i was a bit anxious about my feedback on my blog but after reading it, i found that it really helped a lot, so thanks Phil!! It made me feel more confident when i was told that i was admired for being able to express my personal experiences and not to worry!!

So, here's what i picked up and what im considering doing:-

  • Move onto mixed media/colour

  • Combine drawn elements with Photos and manipulated images/photos

  • Get stuck into Photoshop and start applying practical terms.

  • Use more abstraction!

Im also going to adopt the theme of Metamorphosis for my final portrait to express an image of the transformation from the past to now.

and to remember- my 'own face need not be the key to creating a compelling picture of my identity/identities.'

From all of this i now have a clearer image in my mind of what i would like to achieve with my final portrait and am going to get stuck in and create some ideas starting this weekend!! woop!!

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