Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Photos to be used in my Project

I wanted to capture the nature in my final piece too- these photos were taken in the garden at my mum's workplace, which are always so beautiful, with squirrels and wild parrots. I'm not the most photogenic of people and although it's October and is very cold today, I decided to brave it in a light dress. I thought the colour of it was quite perfect because it stands out but also fits in with the colours of nature. I will put the photos in photoshop to add butterfly wings but i don't want to tamper with the background as i think it looks quite peaceful and creates the beauty.

I chose to lean against the tree as a sort of support resembling the fact that it helps to have someone to lean on however free you are.

Next, i tried a portrait photo so that i didnt have too much background space but still capturing the landscape. I left space at the sides to fit in my butterfly wings which i will photoshop in.

I thought this captured me deep in thought but is also quite calming. I'm not quite sure how i will put my wings in here but i may just add butterfly images coming off my dress. I just really like the photo!! Lol.

I got my photographer to take a picture of me face on to the camera in the middle- i can use this photo to incorporate two of my ideas; the first idea giving myself butterfly wings and the second idea using the Corpse Bride idea.

I just put this photo in for good measure!!! It was taken after i sat down next to a tree and to my horror, to find id plonked myself into some stinging nettles!! OUCH! My photogtapher thought she'd capture the moment though after my stupidity! Typical blonde moment!!

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  1. Hi Jade,

    Sorry to hear you've got the dreaded swine flu - just concentrate on getting well! I'll see you when I see you :-) Now, go have a Lemsip and a lie down!