Saturday, 10 October 2009

Ideas for Final Portrait

ok, well as mentioned in my last post, I am going to go with the theme of Metamorphosis for my Final piece. i studied the concept of this in GCSE Classics so i am familiar with it and found it interesting. When i thought of this title, i remembered the word, metamorphosis cropping up when searching for my tattoo design- butterflies and this was also the most popular result when i typed it into search engines. The Metamorphosis of a butterfly is said to be very significant and beautiful. It's also a symbol of new beginnings and finding freedom. i really like this idea of being free :). Phil also suggested metamorphosis/tranformation to express the then and now ideas i mentioned in my earlier personal post. This lead me to coming up with a good few ideas, which got stronger and i will develop further!!

  • Tim Burton's Corpse Bride- turning into butterflies ( clip to come in a new post)

  • Photograph myself and morph myself into a butterfly, ready to fly free.

  • wings of a butterfly- outline- in each wing, add images of before and after my 'issues'- show how i have tranformed and morphed my life rather than physically. (Fade the images though so they'e not dominating the portrait and making it look messy)

  • series of photos- starting with myself huddled up, portraying the shy, fearful, anxious me, gradually spread out and get more confident- end image being me with arms spread wide- tie material to wrists so when spread, form the wings of a butterfly- could photoshop this in.

  • project butterfly images onto me or just my face and photograph- not sure this will work in relation to my identity, but will have a go!

  • simple drawn image of me- trailing butterflies in the background.

there's some ideas, at first i was unsure about the whole butterfly idea, but i realised that it was symbolic of me!

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  1. You may also be interested in Franz Kafka's short story 'Metamorphosis' which tells the tale of a salesman who finds himself transformed into a creature of sorts. The twist being in the first person narrative as to whether he actually transforms or simply imagining things succumbing to a break down from his busy job and family’s financial difficulties.

    It may not be entirely relevant to portraiture but could spark some ideas in questioning one's identity.

    Link to my old blog where I gave a mini review