Tuesday, 20 October 2009


After researching into the theme of Metamorphosis, I came across this image on Deviant Art. It depicts a woman morphing into a spider- you can see how the artists has added extra arms to represent the numerous legs of a spider and has surrounded her in a web in a very artistic way. This is similar to the effect that i wish to create, but using a butterfly.

The artist comment on this piece is 'I really like her expression, it captures my whole idea of the metamorphosis series very well. Rebirth, coming back as a better person after being hurt. Changing into something you never imagined you could be.' This is also the image i wish to capture- a butterfly being the symbol of freedom, moving forward...

The same artist created a metamorphosis series also including a butterfly. She writes, 'It is a very "me". I feel like I'm transforming slowly but surely. Changing day by day, growing stronger and a better person than I used to be. I guess it's a thing that comes with pain if you manage to restrain yourself from becoming a bitter person.So she had been hiding in her crysalis and is now ready to break free and come out more beautiful than ever before.'

I dont wish to create my image emerging from a crysalis and will not exaclty be in the fantasy style and will be using photography, but i thought this was a very creative and beautiful image.

Ok, the theme of this image i found does not link to my theme of metamorphosis directly, but i would like to try a close-up shot (if im brave enough lol) to incorporate another one of my previously-mentioned ideas- have butterflies stencilled overmy face- the butterflies create the other theme of freedom, but also hide some of my face showing that there are still some hidden depths within me.

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