Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Photoshoot pics

I was so gutted about missing the final week and the crit on Friday due to being ill- i felt stuck because i dont have Maya or Photoshop at home and i wasnt allowed out to do my photoshoot properly ( the photos on here already were taken the first day i was ill- in the cold!!!) But, yesterday Farideh and I went off to the woods at Bluebell Hill to take some more photos :)

These are some of the many photos which i would like to try out using for my Final Piece...

I'm not the most photogenic of people but i do really like this pic! However, even though it captured the atmosphere i was aiming for, it will be difficult for me to incorporate the metamorphosis theme and portray the meanings i want.

I particularly liked this pose because even though i want the meaning to capture freedom and transformation of my character, im peering out, still being cautious and still shy.

I could create the Corpse Bride effect with this and the previous photo.

This also gives the impression that i still need something to lean on and stability even after being free. I like the way im centred and the focus of the image but theres also a lovely background with the tunnel of trees. Dont think I'm going to use this image as a final piece because adding butterfly wings or images will destroy the essence of the original.

This was a completely natural pose which is why i think this is very effective- the way im holding my dress- i didnt even realise i was doing this til i saw the photos, so i feel like this captures the real me. Its as if im walking along free, but my head is slightly naturally looking down showing that i am thinking and havent just got my head in the clouds. i was thinking about layering butterfly wings and feathering them, getting bigger and bigger- symbolising the process of becoming free and capturing the image of metamorphosis. i dont however, want the wings to take the focus away from the nature and completely cover me.

ok, so not a great photo, but i wanted a close-up of my face to add butterflies on- almost as if they have been projected or naturally there.

I just like the way the light makes the image look almost magical. the pose itself is me holding on to a tree branch showing that im not ready to spread my wings entrirely at the moment. im also sort of peering, like im looking into the future or waiting for something.

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