Monday, 2 November 2009

Project 2

Ok, when i was first told about the project, i was a bit weary of my ability to produce sufficient work, which i know is silly as it wasnt getting me motivated. Also, after using the first week of this project finishing of Unit 1 after the whole swine flu fiasco i felt a bit behind seeing every1s blog post pouring in, but im gonna get on track now.

When i looked in project folder 5 and saw the title, i didnt know what to think as the story is from the 1800s, however, i printed out the PDFs and decided to make them my reading material on the journey to my weekend in sheffield, so i could enjoy it more. It was written in old English but the exerpts i was given were very descriptive and was quite interesting. When I'd finished reading them, i wanted to find out more about what the story was about..... next post will reveal all! :)

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