Thursday, 5 November 2009

Essay Ideas

As mentioned many times before, I am a huge Tim Burton fan, loving mostly his stop-animations, which is a topic i would like to write about in my essay. I know it may seem monotonous, but i know that it will motivate me more, writing about an animator i am greatly inspired by.

'There is an energy with stop-motion that you can’t even describe. It’s got to do with giving things life, and I guess that’s why I wanted to get into animation originally. To give life to something that doesn’t have it is cool, and even more so in three dimensions, because, at least for me, it feels even more real.' - Tim Burton.

It's also Tim Burton's attitude to his work which helps make him so
successful and i admire this ^^^^^^^^^

The two main films of Tim Burton's I am thinking of writing about are, 'Nightmare before Christmas and Corpse Bride :- thought I am veering more towards Corpse Bride or. However, I am still working on finalising my ideas for the essay.

Although not a Tim Burton film, I really love Henry Selick's stop-motion film, Coraline and is also one of my favourite films. It has the same dark, twisted ideas of Burton which i thoroughly enjoy- forgive my strange imagination, but it makes these films completely different from anything else-- having the chance to live a life where everything's perfect, where Coraline's parents are never too busy for her, but only being able to choose this life permenantly with the exchange of having buttons sewn in place of her eyes..... oh so twisted, but so exciting!!!!

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