Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Volcano concept

ok, so heres a piece of concept art i was working on- like i said in my previous post, i wanted to take a step back and zoom out from the close-up of the volcano and moat. I decided that i would include a piece which was a view through the end of the jungle and grass which they trekked through to get to the moat, where they faced the steep mountainous wall.
i didnt include the moat in this piece because it would be too crowded and it wouldnt overly be seen anyway through the grass and trees.

The images are very simple but i didnt want to go too much into detail and the scene is set just before the sun finally sets.

i made quite a few layers to make the volcano, but i merged them so that i was able to edit it as a whole.

I used a very pale pink/white to brush over the volcano and turned the opacity down to create a faded look, so it was clear that it was in the background and further away from the trees.

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