Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Edward Scissorhands

Well, what can i say? I really loved watching Edward Scissorhands am so glad we were given the chance to see it, especially being a hige Tim Burton fan. I admire the way the events happening in the film relate to Burton's life in so way or another, and Edward's appearance reflecrs that of Burton's too. I must say that although very dark and gothic in places, it was such a beautiful and touching filmand definitely brought tears to my eyes, especially the scene where Edward was carving an ice sculpture whilst Kim danced in the snowflakes he was producing. The end scene where we learn that the elderly lady telling the story is Kim herself and find out that the last time she saw Edward was when she pretended he had been killed, but is sure he is still around because it still snows is very touching.

Having Johnny Depp play the part of Edward was an excellent choice- his own character fits Edwards perfectly and we automatially feel a connection to him.

Another very effective scene was when we hear Peggy's husband explain that having money in society makes you accepted and urges Edward to charge people for the hedge shapes he created. Everyone can relate to the idea of trying to fit in and become accepted within a group. The film has a very comical value to it too but it also quite emotional.

I liked this particular image in the film, where the Avon lady, Peggy has done her door-to-door in the typical 50's suburban neighbourhood, which is humerously colourful, looks in her wing mirror to reveal a complete contrast; a gothic mansion, dark and gloomy. However, it still intrigues her and goes off in search for a new Avon customer, admiring the gothic surroundings whilst shes there, only to find Edward Scissorhands and brings him home with her, where he is treated like an outsider.

Overall, a brilliant film and possibly one of my favourites!!!

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