Friday, 13 November 2009


These are little thumbnails of 4 main scenes that i want to try out as Concepts. In the digital painting lesson, today, i began to reprouce the 3rd thumbnail from the picture above- Phil H spoke with me and helped me to make the composition more interesting. The ruins were the main focus, so they needed to be much bigger and bolder so the focus isnt taken away from them.

i think i may make the tree trunk in the foreground slightly stronger because it's a bit too overpowering. The ruins will be more detailed. I did still find it quite tricky organiseing myself in Photoshop and was a bit 'fingers and thumbs' on it for half the time, but i did manage to master making paintbrushes so that i can create a more realistic grass effect and also learned how to change the 'noise' of the image to create a grainy effect which will be useful for the bricks and rocks of the ruins.


  1. Hi Jade,

    the bottom image has a quality that reminds me of Rousseau... as for the top one can we have it bigger please, I can just about make some it out with my old eyes but I would hate to get it wrong.

  2. Hi Jade - can I second the request for properly scanned larger images as I am also old...