Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Jungle research

There's a scene in the book which describes the characters coming across blocks of ruins- each block being separated by what had once been garden-ground, but now was dense jungle. the pathways were traceable by the burnt-up appearance of the grass which grew upon them.

I decided mainly to research some jungles to help out with composition and colour etc.

I would like to use style of the trees in this image because, though not directly in this scene, the structure of the pillars in the cavern in another scene are described as being similar to that of stately palms. Quote, 'we discovered a large quantity of stately looking palms... and i have no doubt that that the first designer of those columns drew his inspiration from the graceful bends of those very palms...' This can also be used in the mountain/volcano scene as it also says that the palms , 'now beautified the slopes of the mountain that had once formed the shores of the volcanic lake.'

I added this image because i like they way the light shines through the trees- you can see the beams of light shining down.

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