Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Prep drawing of moat

I admit, I was slow starting and uploading these images purely because i dont have a lot of confidence in my work, especially as i have had no experience at all of digital painting. So, here is a little Prep study of one of the concepts. It was meant to be a close-up of the moat running round the outside of the volcanic wall.

When I showed Digital Phil and explained that it didnt look right, we agreed that it would be best if i had a main focus point to the image first and also to not make it look flat. So, to improve on this, I will 'zoom out' of the view and step back a little, showing more of the volcano so that it has a defined shape and is easier on the eye. The same with the moat.

So, here goes..... :S :S oh, and the layers messed up a little too :(

Just working out a composition

I drew a quick sketch of the wall detail first before adding colour.

Same image as above, just deleted the wall sketch layer.

Grass detail in the corner was added

Added the moat detail- was meant to resemble a dried up moat with a patch of water- i used a textured brush for the mud in the moat so that it looked dried out.

It's not clear to see from this image but i used a grass shaped brush to create small patches of grass springing out of the ground.


  1. I understand you never did digital painting before, but even if you dont feel confident with your work, upload (for Phil at least) because Phil and your colleagues will give some advices and tips how to improve it.

    But as far as my eyes can see, it is looking really cool, keep it up!

  2. aw thankyou :) Ill keep that in mind :)

  3. A clarification; Alan WON"T be looking at students' Maya work until Monday of next week, which means you have the weekend to complete your various exercises. I know Alan has spoken with the class about this already - so I'm just confirming it from an assessment point of view. I'll do my best to post this message on everyone's blog, but if you could spread the word, I'd be grateful. Cheers!