Thursday, 26 November 2009

Just a note

I think that even though i made a few negative comments and explained that i will redo the moat and mountainous wall concept, I will be brave and use this as one of my final pieces unless I manage to scribble out another design tonight, but it takes me long enough so i dont think that it will work.

Anyways, the reason behind this is because today, yes the day before the crit! , Photoshop on my laptop decided that it would erase a few of my prep images that i could have used and most of another final concept!!!!!! I managed to redo one of them (the last post) and am fairly pleased with the result but thats the reason for my lack of uploaded preps (not an excuse). Emily tried to help me recover them this morning but no such luck :( They're gone forever!!!


  1. In preparation for your next unit, I thought it might be useful to introduce you all to a couple of third year students, whose projects are very environment-based (in different ways and with different emphases) and who are in the later stages of their respective projects; I’d like you to follow their progress – so introduce yourselves and don’t be shy!

    Dave Keefe at
    Leanne McGuire at

  2. Also – take a look at the following project blog – a collaboration between 2 third years, Pol Winandy and Jon Stewart; they’re creating an action-packed animated short; their attention to detail is formidable and they’re also working through all the inevitable tensions/complications that come with group working. It’s been a long, intense experience for them both, and, with five weeks to go, they’re moving into an even more pressurised phase. The environment stage is in the offing – so follow their progress and get a real insight into the minutiae of CG and story-telling; meet the future!

  3. Me again!

    Phil Hosking has just set up a blog - it's early days, but go say hello...

  4. So Jade...No Maya work? And your reason is?

    I have to admit to being very worried about your Maya work. You should probably ask yourself why you didn't post any technical work - Be honest!

    Your next project is Maya specific. Don't make the mistake of looking (researching) for an overly long period and avoiding CG...Digital sets don't build themselves and sorry you can't avoid it this time.

    Very disapointing.

  5. Hi Jade.
    Just dropping by to say hello.

    I'm Keith from the second year.

    If you need anything just drop me a post.