Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Short and Sweet

On Monday night, Leo, Farideh and I went up to London to Short and Sweet, where we sit around in a cosy dimly lit bar full of sofas and watch about 8 short films. Yesterday, the movies were quite emotional, candles were lit during one particular film, the crazy organiser cried on stage due to the meanings and depth behind them. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening and was told by Leo, who has been before, that the short films shown are usually very light-hearted and comical. However, the line-up for last nights gathering didn't put me off wanting to go again!

Here's a couple of the films that i enjoyed: Im guessing that these particular ones will be popular choices for Leo and Farideh to post on their blog due to our discussions yesterday. Anyway, enough rambling........

I abosolutely loved this quirky music video and was possibly my favourite piece of the evening :)

The next film just made everyone cry with laughter- just the whole randomnes of it is brilliant and is VERY entertaining :)

Check out Leo's blog for some more of these quirky films that have previously been shown and I cant wait til next week so see what's in store then :)


  1. I really enjoyed "eat dog cat mouse" just loved the russian doll effect and alothough the other animations were quite dark it was still so lovely just being there the atomsphere was so welcoming you didn't feel out of place I'm definately going again next week =) I really would recommend to people to go up x

  2. I love the fact that you're getting 'out there' - and I'd love to come one night - if only you lot didn't keep me chained to my laptop posting witty and insightful comments on your blogs... :-)

  3. hehe! im glad we got the chance to go- it's well worth going and there's something for everyone. Besides, its a great way to interact with new people and chill out! :-)

  4. Am glad you two enjoyed it, hopefully be a more up-beat set of films next week!

  5. Well i think we should get everyone to go once this project is done because then it'll only be the first monday of a project and not much blogs to look at =p