Monday, 28 September 2009

Very Quick Beginning Sketches for Idea 1

Ok, well im not the strongest of drawers- i know that with practise i can be but for the first project i though of using different techniques to improve the visuality of my images. I started off by producing a simple sketch of my using pen and wash to add tone and shading.

Next, i started thinking about my influences from the lectures we have had so far and I am partcularly interested in Gillian Wearing and also the use of typeography, which i studied basically last year. I began to visualise how words could be arranged over the image and their compositions. I previously started a pen and wash drawing which went totally wrong from the off so I used it as a rough starting point to develop my ideas so far and produce a basic interpretation of my ideas.

I used bold letraset for the darker shades in the portrait and small letraset for basic lines and tones. As of yet, the letters do not spell out anything in particular, but i am hoping to use typeography to express my feelings through words as well as a basic visual image. i would like to introduce colour and use photoshop to create the typeography. It may be that i create a survey to ask people/ other students what their first impressions of me to incorporate into the portrait. (feel free to be honest :) )

Other Random Ideas based on this piece

  • Bulleted ListPhotograph myself holding up words like Gillian Wearing, though i feel this is too simple.

Photograph myself in front of a city scape where i live in Gravesend or in Rochester.

Scan photo in to Photoshop- make it less dominant and photoshop the words/phrases onto the image- hold up a Phot of myself- the opposite of Gillian Wearing as she asks passers by to hold up words.

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  1. don't forget to give Barbara Kruger a glance; she uses text for a slogan-like, poster aesthetic; she uses it very confrontationally and for political effect; also, see below for a more stylised/graphical approach