Monday, 21 September 2009

In The beginning....

I'm kind of new to this whole blogging thing so i thought my 1st post should be a little about myself and why I'm interested in the CG Arts and Animation Course.

I have always been the creative type growing up and as a child, I used to enjoy writing short stories all the time. As the majority of young people and some adults are, I admired the works of Disney, Nick Park's Wallace and Gromit etc.

I studied Foundation at UCA last year and it enabled me to develop my skills in life-drawing, different media and techniques. I then specialised in Graphics and for one project, I was asked to work with Leo on a short animation which i thoroughly enjoyed. During the course, I wrote an essay on the developments in technology from 2D through to digital 3D, Claymation etc and how they were used to express social and personal anxiety. Whilst researching this topic, I was able to understand and appreciate the hard work and determination that is put into animation and realised that this is something that I wanted to be a part of.

I particularly enjoy the works of Tim Burton for his warped imagery, such as in Coraline in particular. I find the process of making scenery and props for his animations very interesting and has been a main influence on me.

I am hoping to collate my existing knowledge and fuse it together with new and exciting ideas and skills that this course will provide me with and am eager to achieve all my goals and prove to myself that you can acieve anything that you set your mind to...

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  1. Hi Jade,

    Welcome to your blog; don't worry too much about 'what' you should post; it's just a sketchbook/moodboard/treasure chest/archive by another name; you'll soon get into the habit of uploading, and the whole 'self-reflection' aspect, though a bit odd in the beginning, is just another means to add muscle to the way you make ideas happen and develop your creativity; the blog is an informal space, so you can write what you like, but as you produce work for your projects, upload it, reflect on it, critique it, and get feedback from your peers; I like your first post a lot - it will take me a while to forge proper relationships with you and your classmates, but at least I've already got your name logged in my poor, addled brain! See below - have a look round, and start following...

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