Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Influences so far....

Well, when i was first given the brief, my mind went blank but thanks to the lectures so far im beginning to understand the whole concept. They have left me with a few ideas floating around somewhere in my brain though I don't know where they're leading and whether they'r stong enough, but hey, ill get there!
I especially learned a lot from Tuesdays Seminar and began to think about myself and my identity- how i wanted people to percive me and who I really am and also wondered how others percieved me.
From Monday's lecture, Chuck Close stood out for me with his pixelated images and so i researched him further today to figure out his ideas behind his work.
i liked the way that the pixelation could be seen as a way to express the complexity of the human character and it is almost as if the image is being viewed through glass or water which creates different effects when viewed from different distances.
Photo-realists often used a grid technique in which each grid was its own small work of art.
What i found inspirational about Chuck after researching him was that he had to change the style of his work after a tragedy which left him a quadriplegic, meaning that he had to adapt to painting using his mouth. This enabled him to use different techniques including Pointillism. I picked this particular technique out because i am very familiar with it and have practised it during my Art A-Level. The result of Chuck Close using this style was a canvas of mini paintings, which if viewed from a distance, are seen as a single image.

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